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‘They friends of yours?’: Trump asks black reporter to set up meeting with Black Caucus

As a child, whenever I was out with my grandmother and would see another kid around DEARWHITEPEOPLEmy age, she would ask, “Is he/she in your class at school?” Despite living in a city with countless schools, I think in her mind, all children knew each other and attended just one school. And so it is with #45. If you’re Black, you live in an inner city, whatever that means. If you’re Black, you automatically know every other Black person in the country and can therefore set up a meeting with your special Black Get Together app. I mean, you are all cousins, right?

Aside from the fact he didn’t answer her question in any way, aside from the fact he previously suggested stop and frisk type policies and the National Guard are valid suggestions for “fixing” impoverished predominately Black populated areas, and aside from the fact he assumed April Ryan’s question would be one he didn’t like because blackness, he continues to stereotype anyone who isn’t White as poor, living in squalor, and barely educated or employed.

Contrary to the message #45 wants to perpetuate, the fact I am a literate, employed, negrofrownscollege educated Black woman doesn’t make me an anomaly. I am not quite sure what an inner city is when he mentions them, though I certainly enjoy listening when Marvin Gaye sings about the blues one gets there. I live in a diverse neighborhood with a mix of folks from all different socioeconomic backgrounds, races, and ethnicities and I have never had the pleasure of meeting every other Black person in this country. But this is how folks vote when there is a disconnect from those who aren’t like them. We are losing “bigly”. ©