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Malikka Rogers, Raucous ranter, sometimes writer, shoe enthusiast, and hit or miss gym attendee.14917256_10205965230884853_7473584240144388700_o




Franzie Moore, A Californian in Atlanta (which is probably as weird as being an Englishman in New York) angling to either win the lottery without paying to play or figure out how to get paid to indulge in one or more of my favorite things: movies, books, music, travel, talking.15965118_10155039630773921_8706455537572266080_n




A.M. Lewis, By day, A.M. is a mild-mannered cog in the wheel of employment, bill paying, and general adulting. Also by day, night, waxing, waning, and full moons, she is a lover of words, shoes, lipstick, documentaries, liquid intoxicants, and outdated quotes from Eddie Murphy films. 16176381_10211934230056357_1615398572_n




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Brendan Inman, Token white guy, producer emeritus, music maven. Not necessarily in that order. 16142628_10211897817785336_21216215920692729_n